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Main Character of Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao.

  • His Sea of Consciousness was blessed by the Genesis World during his birth in his first life.
  • His blessing allowed him to be born with an unreasonable and powerful affinity towards alchemy - Ch. 3073
  • He can learn any pill and can even create a new pill out of thin air.

Previous Life (First)[]

Alchemy Emperor (This title is given to the best alchemist in his era)

He died in the Mysterious Black Tower in the Black Light Ground Valley where he found the Indestructible Heaven Scroll.

"Grandmaster Ling from 10,000 years ago. That Grandmaster became an Earth-Grade low-level alchemist only when he was thirty. After that, he became an Earth-Grade mid-level alchemist ten years later, Earth-Grade high-level twenty years later, and then became a Heaven-Grade alchemist thirty years after that. He’s also the youngest Heaven-Grade alchemist in history. After that, he broke through the limitation of Heaven-Grade fifty years later, and was respectfully acclaimed as the Alchemy Emperor.

Cultivation: 9th Layer of Heaven Realm

Current Life (Second)[]

Reincarnated as the Young Master of Ling Clan. An ancient person, who is equipped with knowledge of ancient cultivation and Alchemy Dao, which in the current era, has been lost or fragmented.

In his second life, it could be said Ling Han has the charm to attract trouble and perfect opportunities.

The plot of the 1st and 2nd lives is revealed (~Chapter 3090) to have been set within a Divine Stone (Origin World), from where Ling Han manages to escape after becoming the Supreme Overlord (battle power equivalent to at least 1000 Peak 7th Step Heavenly Venerables).

After escaping from the Divine Stone, Ling Han finds himself in a New World; a world where he has thrice become a mortal and is forced to restart cultivating in order to reach the peak again. His only advantage being his mental age from the Origin World ~ several Eras.

At the end of the novel, it is revealed the Divine Stone is part of the Life Stone. The Life Stone originates from the Abyss of Creation, having the ability of containing a great world within. The Life Stone was split into 7 parts (7 Divine Stones), and only those born from the Life Stone can fulfill the wish of the Star Moon Empress: for someone with the strength rivaling hers to one day kill her. (Natives of the Life Stone have the qualifications of containing a great world within themselves.)

Once ascending to a Great Emperor, one can not kill, be killed, or die. Therefore, the Star Moon Empress derived the plot to end her life, as living indefinitely had a tremendously negative effect on her overall attitude and outlook on life. (She viewed all life forms other than herself as mere ants and toys and wanted to extricate herself from this cruel, boring eternity.)


  • After consuming the Space Pill the space within his Dantian increased to 100 times the original, solving the problem the space within his Dantian, which was actually very small having very little source power for its use, since he possessed the Nuclei of Origin of the Five Elements.[2]
  • He destroyed his five Origin Nuclei and then reformed them and merged into a form a new Origin Nucleus. Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, all the five Elements were present yet they were united, something that has never been seen before in history.[3]
  • At Extreme Yang City Ling Han opened two businesses a pharmacy called, "Alchemist King Pavilion" and the restaurant was called "Forget Not".[4]
  • Ling Han's will was determined. He had confirmed it. The path he wanted was to take the path of the strongest, and his sword was the path of the strongest.[5]
  • Ling Han was able to obtain the final inheritance of Zi Xue Xian and discovered that the history of the catastrophe every ten thousand years was a great lie and that the immortal kingdom every ten thousand years refined all the living creatures of the lower realm to invent a pill of Immortal Grade.[6]
  • Helian Xun Xue reappears and he discovers she gave birth to his son.[7]
  • After making Qi Chang Yue abdicate to the throne of Rain Country he changed the name of the country to Great Ling Dynasty and became his first emperor.[8]
  • He successfully cultivated the Sword Heart by resisting the presence of the King of Fleas Shattering Void Tier in the Ghostly Dragon Cave.[9]
  • After drinking the tea of reincarnation, Ling Han's body was completely destroyed and soon after rebuilt allowing his cultivation base to advance to Heaven Tier, but the greatest achievement was his mental state and spirit that had advanced to Shattering Void Tier.[10]
  • After Ling Han advanced the success of Shattering Void Tier the Dark Tower informed him that he could no longer use the Dark Tower's power boost, as it was originally intended to allow him to overcome when he is weaker, not as a method for him to trust.[11]
  • After fiercely facing the attacks of the experts of the five great sects Ling Han finally managed to open the heavens and bring the entire lower realm to the immortal realm.[12]
  • With the help of Jade Sun Pill that the Ninth King gave him as a thank-you gift Ling Han managed to fill the final got the strength of 20 Stars of Shattering Void Tier.[13]
  • With the help of the Mountain River Stone he was able to advancing to Mountain River Tier, was a qualitative change, a true metamorphosis from mortal to immortal.[14]
  • After gifting Absolute Beginning Stone to Empress Luan Xing, he received as compensation the title of a ninth-rank military officer by freeing himself from the embarrassment of being a hostage thus being able to enter or leave freely from anywhere without the need to make a report.[15]
  • After returning to Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire with the secret of Eternity Sky Majestic Empire's plans and reporting it to Empress Luan Xing in time for her to move, she promoted him to seventh-rank military officer.[16]
  • Using the Regulations of both the Netherworld and the Immortal Realm he successfully opened a passage to the Celestial Realm[17]
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Origin of the meta world[]

  • Xuan Tiayu - An emperor, close to the beginning of the world, there were no emperor techniques or imperial weapons, at that time, brought the stone from the Abyss of Creation
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